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Art of Landscape - Landscape Photography for Beginners

I am proud to be part of Art of Landscape - presenting you with an easy to follow, online class on how to improve your Landscape Photography. Please click here to learn more about us. 


Landscape Masterclass

  • In Depth Composition Masterclass so you can take compelling and beautiful landscape photos.

  • How to take Perfect Long Exposures- Gear Recommendation and how to calculate shutter speed to get it right on the first try.

  • Focus Stacking made easy – How to Shoot and How to Edit

  • Essential Guide to Polarizers, ND Filters, Neutral Graduated Filters and Night Filters. Which ones you MUST Have, How and When to Use Them.

  • Apps and Resources to Predict and Plan your Photoshoots.

  • 10 Beginner Mistakes to Avoid.

  • Gear Checklist to Ensure You are Ready for All Conditions.

  • 50 Lightroom Presets & 15 Mobile Presets

  • Learn How to Use Lightroom

  • 150 High Resolution Sky Overlays

  • How to Replace Skies in Photoshop



for Beginners

  • Lightroom Video Tutorial for Beginners- Raw images included to follow along as we edit photos together.

  • Overview of the best editing tools in Lightroom to transform your photos.

  • Understand how and when to use Vibrance, Saturation, Tone Curve, Clarity, Graduated, & Radial Filters, Brushes and much more!

  • 50 Landscape Presets included- custom tailored for any time of day.

  • 15 Lightroom Mobile Presets



Sky Replacement

  • Photoshop Tutorial on Sky Replacement- Raw Images included.

  • Learn how to realistically replace skies and understand the different blend modes to create beautiful images.

  • 150 High Resolution Skies Included

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